Q: There are a lot of weird stories on this site. Are all of them true?

Short Answer: Yes.

Long Answer: Mostly yes.

We all tell fibs, white lies, tall tales, and fish stories. And so did our grandparents, and their grandparents, and their grandparents, right up to the original lie (which was told by Ugg to Ugg Jr. when the caveboy asked where babies come from). Our ancestors lied to make themselves look better, to make their enemies look worse, and just to liven things up when they got dull.

A historian’s job is to dig up the truth under the stories. Historians are like detectives in that way – but all their star witnesses are liars. And dead.

The content on this site is based on original sources and/or the opinions of qualified historians/smart people, so it’s at least probably (mostly) true. The stories may be outlandish, but whenever and wherever humans get involved things are bound to get weird.

If you disagree, you can always make us feel terrible about our poor life choices by e-mailing us a stern message.

Q: Can I submit something?

Please do. If you have something that you’d like us to consider adding to the site, contact us at admin@makingofhistory.com. If your work is featured on the site, your name (and website/contact information, if desired) will be included on our ‘Authors’ page.

Submission Guidelines:

All types of submissions are welcome. Write an article, create a cartoon or piece of art, write a historical poem or perform a historical rap. Anything goes, as long as your submission meets the following criteria:

  1. All submissions must be your own work and must not use any copyrighted, trademarked, or otherwise protected material (unless you have permission from the owner(s)). We are not fond of being sued (and we have to pay our attorneys in instant noodle cups, and it makes them cranky). If protected materials are used without permission and the rightful owners ask for the materials to be removed, we will remove them – that may mean we have to remove your submission.

  2. When you send your submissions, please include a detailed list of the sources for your information. And unfortunately, your main sources can’t be rare hieroglyphs from the tomb of Tutankhamun because if we can’t verify your facts, we won’t put them on the site. Unless of course you’d like to give us a private tour of the tomb of King Tut, in which case rules shmules.

Q: Can I use something from your site for my presentation / website / oddly themed birthday party?

All original content on this site is protected by intellectual property laws. In legalese, that means you may not modify, publish, sell, reproduce, create derivative works from, license, distribute, or in any way commercially exploit any of the content displayed on this site without explicit permission.

Sometimes we also incorporate images which are considered ‘fair use’, and you can find the credits and links for those images beneath the articles where they are featured.

Please use our contact form if you would like to request to use something from the site.